Using Facebook as my Platform

As I am getting more into research now, and starting to see my idea become clearer and clearer I though now would be a good time to start thinking about where I want to present it. Now I won’t lie I have been thinking about it for a while, and am leaning quite a lot over to posting the video on the Martin Mere Facebook page. This is for many reasons all which I explained in more detail below.

First of all posting the video on Facebook is a lot easier for me than posting the video on let’s say for example an Instagram account specially made for the topic. If I was going to do that I would have to create an Instagram account, post on it, gather a following, and then finally post the promotional video, not to mention having to get around the time limit Instagram like to put on video posts. This would also be similar if I decided to make a YouTube for the topic, or Twitter I would have to create the account, post content and gain a following, before posting the video, all which waste time, and also don’t give the best results, due to being rushed, an gathering a following quick. Posting on the Martin Mere Facebook on the other hand is the complete opposite. By doing this I would be reaching the Target audience directly, this is also backed up from my questionnaire results, which showed over half of the Martin Mere visitors use Facebook, and follow the page. Posting on Facebook will also allow me to get really easy to access feedback, and insights on how my video is doing, as on Facebook I can see how many likes it’s getting, I can get feedback through comments, and I can also get insights in the views and engagement the video is getting. Further more with things like  the share button, and he pure size of social media, and its impact the video also has potential to go even further than the people who follow the Martin Mere page.

As well as these reasons I also decided to go out and find some statistics. On a website I found, ran by the social media management tool Hootsuite, I found that in fact Facebook is out doing YouTube in terms of video ads, by gaining unprecedented engagement rates. One study apparently found Facebook is outperforming YouTube in their video ads by 478%, and another conclusion was made to show Facebook in fact had an 86% further reach than YouTube videos.



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